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A collection of rhythmic words for the broken hearted

All Things Painful is a collection of words delivered through the mind, heart, and spirit of a man who, like so many others, has been forced to come to terms with who he is, who he was, and where to go from here. Ranging from thought-provoking verses that could double as lyrics on a rock album to rhythmic stories about luck, love, life, and death to Bushido-inspired lamentations, it conveys a message that is almost completely devoid of faith, yet ultimately full of hope. Approximate word count 22,000 Click the cover to get it on Amazon!

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A story of ambition, fate, and unflinching devotion set against modern surroundings and ancient ideals

Atsune, a Japanese native who has lived under her father’s protective roof her entire life, has run away from home to escape an arranged marriage with one of his business associates. Now being followed by two mercenaries through an American city who aim to apprehend her at her father’s request, she turns to the only person she trusts for help--and war ensues. In the days that follow, devotion will be redefined as Atsune and her loyal companion discover the sinister forces at work behind her ordeal, and learn begrudgingly that shadows can hide heroes as well as monsters... Approximate word count 123,000 Click the cover to get it on Amazon!

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A collection of short stories and poems by an international group of authors

Of Words and Water is a collection of water-themed works from authors around the globe, all of whom wish to contribute to WaterAid’s invaluable efforts. Our work is given freely: if you enjoy it please give generously to share the gift of clean water, the gift of life. This book also features an exclusive poem and a song by renowned folk singer and activist Peggy Seeger. Click the cover to get it on Amazon!

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A supernatural, cautionary fable about love’s dangerous extremes

Ben woke up on his first night at a prospective development location to find his wife missing, with no word given or sign left behind. After giving up the search, he went home to try and piece his life back together until finally getting a clue about where she might have gone...and who had taken her. In the days that follow, Ben will have to decide how much love is worth, and learn just how badly the loss of it can twist someone who has known nothing else. His resolve will be tested, and his very life’s purpose will be redefined as he tries to discover where his love has gone... Approximate word count 52,000 Click the cover to get it on Amazon!

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