10 Questions With an Artist: Tim Aichele

January 25, 201610 Questions

People, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce comic artist and musician Tim Aichele! Today we’re talking about his autobiographical web comic, “Stars on the Ceiling,” and his band, “We Have a Spaceship!” Dax Christopher: “Stars on the Ceiling.” The first thing I want to know is, how did you come up with that name? … Read More

What I’ve Learned In Sales

November 18, 2015Uncategorized

For most of my life up to this point, I was a construction worker. When I was in grade school I started going with my dad, a contractor, to job sites during the summer between school years. When I got older I spent a little time as a retail worker (shelf stocking, mostly) before going … Read More

10 Questions With an Artist: Keller Agte-Studier

July 1, 201510 Questions

Today we’re going to talk to cosplayer, prop-builder, owner of The Quartermaster’s Cache and all around great dude Keller Agte-Studier about the fine art of makin’ props and takin’ names… Dax Christopher: I’ve been to a lot of shows, and I don’t think I’ve seen a lot of props put together with your kind of … Read More

10 Questions With an Artist: Anthony Dortch

June 2, 201510 Questions

Today we’re talking to the creator of the original comic series PURE about the concept, the struggle, the work, and many other facets of the project… Dax Christopher: I know when I’m seeing a completely original concept, and what I saw at Wizard World is definitely that. Can we start with you talking a bit … Read More

10 Questions With an Artist: Beryla Gann

May 26, 201510 Questions

Here’s a new feature of the blog in which we’ll sit down with an artist and ask a few questions about the process behind what they do and what it means to them. Our first interview is with cosplayer Beryla Gann, who I had the pleasure to meet at Wizard World Philadelphia this year. Okay, … Read More

Fascinating Fictional Characters: The Joker

May 21, 2015Fascinating Fictional Characters

For this blog’s first FFC, I would have very much liked to choose a character from the classics—Lemuel Gulliver, for instance, or maybe Sherlock Holmes, or Captain Ahab. For some reason I was thinking that starting off with a more intellectually based or understated character would have given this whole exercise some legitimacy. But then … Read More

Understanding the Stack: NFL the Gathering

January 12, 2015On Game Design

Rules are funny things. They can be very difficult for players of games to digest, but the games themselves wouldn’t exist without them. I’ve wanted to write about this for a really long time, because the topic of rules is one of my favorite things to discuss. I’m fascinated by rules. When they work, I … Read More

10 Favorite Comic Heroes: #1

November 17, 2013Musings

1. Spider-Man For all the storytelling improvements that have been made to comics during the modern age, there are ways in which the classics still hold plenty of charm. Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, was the first superhero I ever saw–at least, we go back far enough that that’s how I remember it. Spider-Man was introduced … Read More